Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) for manufacturing is about maximizing the number of visitors to your website. By ensuring that your site appears high on the list of a search engine’s results, you can increase the likelihood that searchers will visit your pages. SEO isn’t just about optimizing your home page, however. You’ll need to optimize each and every page on your website. Still, the real goal is to attract not just more visitors, but the right kind of visitors. Otherwise, you’ll get lots of views but few good leads.

SEO for Manufacturing: On-Page and Under-the-Hood

There are two basic types of SEO for manufacturing: on-page and under-the-hood. Thunderbolt provides on-page services as part of the high-quality content that we deliver. When we write content like a blog entry, we integrate keywords that can help you to get “found” on the Web. We don’t just stuff keywords into content, however. We integrate them intelligently – both for humans and for spiders.

No, the type of spiders that we’re talking about aren’t the ones that catch flies. Rather, these spiders crawl the web on behalf of the search engines they serve. Some people refer to these spiders as bots or robots, but you get the general idea. Ultimately, your website needs to provide content that humans want to read and that spiders can discover. That content doesn’t just happen. Someone has to write it.

Keywords are important, but they’re not your only SEO concern. Each page on your website needs metadata or tags. Without a page title, meta description, and meaningful URL, you probably won’t get onto Page 1 of Google’s search results. You can pay to get there, but there’s a more cost-effective way. It’s called organic search. As for the under-the-hood stuff, we’ve got partners who are experts.

Organic Search and Search Engine Optimization

With organic search, search engines like Google reward you and your business for doing the right things – at least as far as the search engine’s algorithms are concerned. So in addition to high-quality content on web pages, Thunderbolt can provide you with regular reporting about page rankings and views. Importantly, we’ll leverage the power of content marketing and social media to power your SEO.

To learn more about spiders, algorithms, and why this all matters to you, request a free consultation.