The Thunderbolt Difference

Engineers, sourcing managers, and procurement personnel all want something from you. It’s accurate, engaging, and actionable information. Thunderbolt understands these audiences and can help you to inform, educate, and enlighten them.

Contract Manufacturers

Contract manufacturers (CMs) know what customers need. It’s about saving time and money while improving quality through expertise. On-time deliveries matter, too.

Outsourcing your marketing works the same way.

Instead of adding costs to payrolls, contract manufacturers trust Thunderbolt to create and deliver high-quality, cost-effective content.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) all have a “secret sauce”. Their products are better, but some companies use stale marketing techniques. Others would rather go hungry than spend money.

Thunderbolt works with OEMs who want to taste success. After all, there’s more to marketing than just print ads. We can even help you to “sell” your ideas to a skeptical C-suite. 

Technology Companies

Some manufacturers make things that can be held in the hand. Others work in clean rooms and laboratories. The manufacturing world includes developers and programmers, too.

Thunderbolt works with technology companies in innovative industries. We can help you reach your audience and explain to them why you’re different.

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